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I was originally going to write about something else but when I heard that Donna Summer had passed away,  I thought it was fitting to dedicate this post to the Queen of Disco. I know that many people out there want to forget disco, the bell bottom pants and platform shoes but there is one thing that should not be forgetting about that era…and it is the music.

For a long time, I’ve had numerous Donna Summer songs on my iPod.  They are really catchy songs.  They are songs that make you want to dance…songs that make you want to shake your booty! I will even admit that I blast her songs when I am in the kitchen preparing dinner (or just putting away the dishes).  It’s liberating to sing along and just dance.  Donna has left a lasting impression on me and this is just one of the ways that I can pay tribute to her and I know that there are a lot of other people out there that have her songs on their playlist too! and you know that they have this amazing ability to charge you up!

So, here are the Best 3…Donna Summer Songs:

1.  Last Dance

2.  Hot Stuff

3. Bad Girls

Honorable mentions: She Works Hard for the Money, Love to Love You Baby, I Feel Love

I have added each one of the songs because I think that the best way to remember Donna Summer’s is to sit back and just listen ..and I guarantee they will have the power to get you moving!

Farewell Queen of Disco


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Like many millions of people, I was lucky enough to see The Avengers this week.  It was a great movie.  I wasn’t sure whether I was going to like it but the movie, the acting and all the effects were really enjoyable and reminded me of why movies are such great entertainment.  The movie then got me thinking about all the superhero characters that have been invented and I found myself also imagining what superhero and powers I would like to have.  I can’t wait until The Avengers 2 – so excited – also looking forward to Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain American 2!!!

This was truly hard because what wouldn’t I want to have! I would love to fly, have super strength, command the weather (which would mean it was always sunny and nothing would be able to grow from the lack of rain because I simply don’t like rain) or leap from tall buildings.  All of those abilities and powers sound awesome.  It just makes me smile to think of myself as a superhero.  Therefore, I wanted to devote a post to the superheroes that I believe are the best (I know there is going to be some disagreement with this post and that is ok with me – bring it on!  – see I sound like a superhero now!).

So here are the Best 3…Superheroes:

1.  THOR


3. ROGUE (from the X-Men)

Honorable mentions: Superman, Iron Man, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, Beast (from X-Men), Emma Frost and Storm.

My first choice was easy – he is a god, has amazing strength, knows how to use a hammer and can summon and control the elements (God of Thunder).  He helps defend earth and all humans and is just plain awesome.  I don’t think there is much else to say about him. 

For my second choice, I chose a superhero that doesn’t really have any  powers but is just one-badass superhero.  He is strong, smart, funny, and takes care of the residents of Gotham City.  He lives his one life as Bruce Wayne but goes out at night when he is needed and just takes care of all the bad guys.  He is complex and just a great superhero.

My last choice may surprise some people but I really like Rogue.  She is gifted with some great powers but also some that haunt her.  Absorption of memories, skills, and powers through skin to skin contact, occasional super strength and flight.  She is the superhero I would most like to be – she has powers that are very different then other superheroes.  The only down side is her inability to touch anyone – direct skin to skin.

Let me know what superheroes you love!


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The role that a mother can play in her child’s life is tremendous and since it’s Mother’s Day, I wanted to devote another post to the most important women in our lives – our mothers.  Mothers truly do have such a profound affect on our lives and who we turn out to be in life (and even how we parent our own children).  Some mothers have good influence on their children’s growth while we know that some do not.  It is true that not all people are born to be good parents and some, unfortunately have lived up to that stereotype.  For those of us that have had a positive influence from our mothers – even in a small way – it has effect us and shaped who we are.  That is why today (even though I am far away from my own mother) I wanted to share the best 3 ways to thank your mother today and on all the other 364 days in the year.

So, here are the Best 3…Ways to Thank Your Mom:

1.  Go and see her – spend time with her…and let her know you love and cherish her

2.  Talk to her (if you are not in the same place) – don’t let your life take over and forget to call – make the time (that is my own personal lesson)

3.  Surprise her with random things (not just gifts) but a walk, going to the movies, going shoe shopping together, visiting a museum etc. – this just let’s her know that you are thinking about her and that you care and enjoy her company!

To all the mother’s out there – Happy Mother’s Day


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In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought that it would be nice to pay tribute to all the mothers out there in the world and write about the best things about moms and the role that they play in our lives.  I am a fortunate daughter who has the most amazing, wonderful and beautiful mother.  She is a strong woman (more than she even realizes) who can handle all that life has thrown at her. She doesn’t dwell on the bad but looks to the good.  She stands tall (even though she is only 5″ feet tall), fights for what she believes in and loves her husband and her children unconditionally.  I am truly lucky and blessed that she is my mother (and I know my siblings would echo my thoughts).

So, here are the Best 3…Things about Moms:

1.  They love us unconditionally

2.  As we grow older, they aren’t just our mother but become our friend

3.  They give the best hugs

I think that these pretty much sum up only three of the best things about moms.  There are so many more.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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For this post, I wanted to focus on the ways to brighten someone’s day.  We are all leading hectic and crazy lives and the way in which we interact with our fellow human beings has started to suffer.  People barely say thank you anymore, others won’t even give up their seat to someone who needs it more.  These new behaviors are shocking and frightening.  That is why I wanted to share some of the ways that anyone can help brighten someone’s day.

So here are the Best 3…Ways t Brighten Someone’s Day:

1.   Treat the next person in line behind you (like a coffee, tea, donut, etc)

2.  Send someone an e-card just to say thank you

3.  Make them laugh

The other day, I was standing in line for a coffee, checking my email and not really paying attention to what was going on around me.  When it was my turn at the counter, I asked for a Tall Pike Place (I was at Starbucks).  I started to pay but the server told me it wasn’t necessary because the person in line in front of me had purchased my drink for me.  I quickly looked around to see who might have been in front of me but I couldn’t tell.  When I looked back at the server she just smiled and said “He said he was doing it to brighten someone’s day.”  Well, thanks to that amazing man – he did brighten my day and I smiled all the way to work.  The very next day, I did the same thing for someone else.  I hope I was able to brighten their day…even for just a few minutes.

For my next pick, this was something I use quite often.  I have a great friend who is also a co-worker.  He was having a bad day so I decided to send him a funny (free) e-card that had dogs doing the cha-cha.  The message to him was simple – thanks for being you and enjoy the dancing dogs.  Well,  after he received the card, he called to say thanks and how that crazy card would get him through the day.  Small things…sometimes have the greatest effect.

For my last Best 3 pick…it is a tried and true method and supposedly the best medicine.  Make someone laugh.  I know this helps brighten my day and it should help brighten someone elses.


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Well I have a few posts under my belt and have really embraced blogging.  To be perfectly honest, I truly am an average girl.  I get up, go to work, come home and go to bed.  I do not live an exciting life – sometimes I wish I did but no…I am just your plain average girl.  So that is why I changed things up and started this blog.

So, here are the Best 3…Reasons to Start a Blog:

1.  Everyone has opinions, thoughts, dreams, stories, etc…Why not YOU! Why not ME!

2.  Blogging is a healthy escape

3.  Blogging is a way to connect to the world

I think my first best 3 pick is self-explanatory.  Why not you and I sharing about the things that make up our life.  We are so different, all of us, and it is just nice to see what interests others have.  I love looking at all the other blogs out there because there are so many interesting ones to follow…and that is why I created my own.  I wanted to share all the best 3 of everything and that is what I am doing.  I don’t get the audience like some of the blogs (and I have yet to make it onto the Freshly Pressed page) but I continue because it is something that I really like to do.


Blogging is a healthy escape.  An escape from the world that surrounds us where bloggers can express what they are feeling and that is healthy.  Blogs are a place to vent, to talk about your feelings, to discuss difficult topics and however else they might be used.  I know there are some people that don’t use them as a healthy escape but those are the few…and we cannot let those be the ones to spoil.

Blogging does connect you to the world.  It allows you to interact with others all over the world from viewing other blogs to responding to comments.  I like the fact that anyone in the world can view my blog.  That is exciting and another awesome reasons to start a blog.  Plus there are so many interesting things out there is the world and blogging (and some of the amazing pictures) on some blogs help bring the world into a better view.

I hope that blogging does stick around and is not overtaken by Twitter because it is hard to only use 140 characters.


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