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For this post, I’ve decided to take a different turn and focus on something that seems to dominate my life lately.  Yes, that is television.  I can’t say why, maybe because it is a nice change from the real world or maybe because it has the ability to make me forget all the things going on in mine…I don’t know why, I just know (lately) I am obsessed and fixated.

Let’s be honest, there are a great deal of “crappy” shows that dominate tv right now and usually they focus on doctors, lawyers and cops.  To me, its really been hard to find characters that I like and respond too.  There have been a few over the last few years, and that is why this post is going to focus on the best 3…tv couples.  To me, these couples are just perfect.  They make me want to stay tuned for more and more and more.  I love watching them together!  and I love the chemistry that the actors are able to provide to make the characters/couple more realistic and likeable.   There will probably be a lot of people that would not agree with my best 3 but that is ok because this is my own opinion and for those that don’t agree or have others, please post your comments – I would like to see what other couples you might like.

So, here are the Best 3…TV Couples:

1.  Jax and Tara (from Sons of Anarchy)

2.  Eric and Sookie (from True Blood)

3. Simon and Alisha (from Misfits)

My first best pick should be obvious, as I’ve listed the Sons of Anarchy in this blog before (Best 3…TV Shows (on tv right now) and one of the reasons that makes the show great is the couple of Jax and Tara.  They were high school sweethearts, she leaves and then comes back and they can’t deny their attraction to one another and they fall in love all over again.  Trust me, if you have not seen the show or them, please do.  There romance is far from perfect…but somehow they just work and that is what makes them the best.

My second best 3 pick gave me some of my most favorite tv moments ever.  Putting these two together was pure genius.  Yes, I am team Eric.  Sookie and Eric together is this last season of True Blood was simply great (and the best season in my mind).  Their chemistry was amazing.  It pains me to think that they may not be together in the upcoming season.  There is just something about them that just makes their time together perfect.  All I can say is that if you were not fortunate to catch some of their scenes together, I encourage you to tune in…not only are they on a great show but together they fired up the season!

The last couple is from a show that many people might not be familiar with.  Like Sons of Anarchy, I have mentioned this show before (Best 3…odd bu excellent British tv shows) and it has been only recently (thanks to my awesome sister) that I have discovered the show and my last best 3 pick.  That honor goes to Simon and Alisha.  They were a couple that you would never imagine together especially after the first season but through great writing they come together.  I won’t go into a lot of details but they have a great story that will go on and on.

Thanks to all the people that posted these awesome videos!


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