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Best 3…Days of the Week

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

This doesn’t seem like a topic that should go next but let’s face it, the days of the week play an important part in our lives and I think they deserve a best 3.  So here are the Best 3….Days of the Week:

1. Sunday

2. Friday

3. Tuesday


Why would I put Sunday as the best?  That is an easy one.  For me Sunday really is a day of rest.

It is right after Saturday which means that if you you’ve taken good advantage of the weekend and have had lots of fun on Saturday, Sunday becomes the time to just relax and be lazy.  It is the day where you should have a big brunch, stay in your comfy cloths, read, lounge on the couch, catch up on movies, or anything else that tickled your fancy.  It is such an important day because you know that the next day means starting your work week, and all the craziness that goes after.

As for my secon choice, Friday just seemed right.  It is the day that you looke forward to all week!  It is what you are working for…and when it comes, it is just such a great day.

Tuesday as my third best might seem funny to some people but for me, it represents the day after Monday (and Monday is the worst day of the week).  It is really the beginning of the week for me.


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