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Over the years, I have been drawn to odd and different TV shows.  I am not sure why, but I seem to love the ones that are a little unusual for one reason or another.  The Brits have been the best in creating interesting and fresh shows.  That is why the following best 3 list was generated.

 So, here is the Best 3…odd but excellent British TV Shows. 

 1. Misfits

2. Primeval

3. Being Human

The Misfits is a show with a great premise.  Five young people are caught in an electrical storm while doing community service.  As a result of the electrical storm, they discover that they have supernatural “powers” and the story centers around their coming to terms with their powers (and the killing of their probation worker who went crazy).  It is now going into its 4th season and is just a brilliant show.  

 Spoiler Alert***  Now, some say that the shows dynamic changed with the loss of the character, Nathan (Robert Sheehan) but I think the series was able to keep its momentum in the 3rd season with the introduction of a new character Rudy (Joseph Gilgun).  Most reviews I have read liken this show to the “Heroes” series, but I think that Misfits is far better [remember Heroes had a bigger budget for special effects].  It has great humour, as only the Brits can do and is just a really interesting show.  I have heard rumors that an American version is being created, but I just don’t think it will be able to capture the humour that the Brit version exudes.

Primeval is another show with a great premise.  Supernatural portholes in time start appearing in theLondon area, and a group of scientists have to locate the portholes and any prehistoric creatures that might come out from these portholes.  I believe that this show is in its 4th or 5th season.  Again, just a very entertaining show, with interesting characters and a dynamic that works.

 As for #3, Being Human is a great show.  The concept is that a vampire, werewolf and ghost try to live together and get along.  Now, there has already been an American version of this series, which in its defense is not all that bad, but the Brit version of the series is so much better.  Being Human is going into its 5th season (I believe it is in its second season in the U.S.).

 These three series are highly worth checking out if you can.

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For this post, I have to admit the subject was not my idea but from my sister and I just thought it was genius (thanks Sister!)

We all have television shows that we get hooked on.  Television shows that make us laugh, cry, or get angry.  We look forward to seeing them, never missing an episode (sometimes that even includes re-arranging our life or putting things on hold such as the dishes or laundry) and then the “big wigs” in charge of the television networks decide to CANCEL those shows.

So, as my sister pointed out, I should pay tribute to the Best 3…TV Shows that were Cancelled.

1.  Chuck

2. Veronica Mars

3.  My So-Called Life

My number one choice was easy.  Chuck was the best show that was on tv for the last five years.  It never got the credit that it deserved.  Thanks to all the great fans the show had, they were able to mount a campaign (with the help of Subway) to bring it back when the threat of cancellation loomed from NBC.   At first, I knew nothing about the show when it first came out.  I had a colleague tell me about it.  She lent me her Season 1 DVD and after watching the first episode, that was all I needed, I was hooked.  I fell in love with Chuck (Zachary Levi) – he was your average guy (and the cutest nerd that I had ever seen).  Together with Super Spy Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), his best friend Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and other Super Spy Casey (Adam Baldwin) they made a great team.  There is so much good things to say about this show and now it has been Cancelled and I won’t get to enjoy the adventures of Team Bartowski.

Also, I should mention that I have the biggest crush on Zachary Levi!  He has an awesome company The Nerd Machine – http://www.thenerdmachine.com/

For my second choice,  it had to be Veronica Mars.  This was a show that was cancelled too fast.  Three seasons was not enough.  It was a show that was different, that had great characters and had great episodes.  It created one great TV couple in Veronica and Logan.  I still miss it.  Kristen Bell was great as Veronica.  Unfortunately the ratings were low and that means CANCELLATION.

As for my third choice, that was easy.  It had to be My So-Called Life.  This show unfortunately only got one season.  It was a show that so many people could relate to.  Angela was a character that a specific average girl could relate too.  I really wish this one could have lasted a little longer.  It would have been nice to see how Angela’s life would have progress.  Oh well!


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