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Well I have a few posts under my belt and have really embraced blogging.  To be perfectly honest, I truly am an average girl.  I get up, go to work, come home and go to bed.  I do not live an exciting life – sometimes I wish I did but no…I am just your plain average girl.  So that is why I changed things up and started this blog.

So, here are the Best 3…Reasons to Start a Blog:

1.  Everyone has opinions, thoughts, dreams, stories, etc…Why not YOU! Why not ME!

2.  Blogging is a healthy escape

3.  Blogging is a way to connect to the world

I think my first best 3 pick is self-explanatory.  Why not you and I sharing about the things that make up our life.  We are so different, all of us, and it is just nice to see what interests others have.  I love looking at all the other blogs out there because there are so many interesting ones to follow…and that is why I created my own.  I wanted to share all the best 3 of everything and that is what I am doing.  I don’t get the audience like some of the blogs (and I have yet to make it onto the Freshly Pressed page) but I continue because it is something that I really like to do.


Blogging is a healthy escape.  An escape from the world that surrounds us where bloggers can express what they are feeling and that is healthy.  Blogs are a place to vent, to talk about your feelings, to discuss difficult topics and however else they might be used.  I know there are some people that don’t use them as a healthy escape but those are the few…and we cannot let those be the ones to spoil.

Blogging does connect you to the world.  It allows you to interact with others all over the world from viewing other blogs to responding to comments.  I like the fact that anyone in the world can view my blog.  That is exciting and another awesome reasons to start a blog.  Plus there are so many interesting things out there is the world and blogging (and some of the amazing pictures) on some blogs help bring the world into a better view.

I hope that blogging does stick around and is not overtaken by Twitter because it is hard to only use 140 characters.


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